Robin Thicke is a scared little boy.

I can’t believe Oprah didn’t call him out on his lying and complete evasion of responsibility of his part at the VMA’s! A 36 year old ‘man’ that blames a 20 year old woman for “being twerked upon”… Can we please stop shaming the ladies for being sexual too! Can we please please stop! That starts with women! Including Oprah and the idiot OMG lady that reported this clip of the interview. What he said really plays into rape culture and that men have no control; oh, and that Robin Thicke is an idiot and a liar. I can’t believe this dude is making money off his trashy song either! He needs to be shafted and given some hard knocks in life I think to really come to terms with himself… I straight up coward and liar and narcissist.;_ylt=AwrSyCW3X19SIRsAKpfWwOZ_


The cool and creative way to use puppets and stuffed animals.

Natasha Khan is just brilliant. I love everything about this. Animating her song about the conception and birth of inspiration and being alive to receive it and making friends with the furry monsters in her mind. Just BRILLIANT.

I love this video. First, it has Lou Diamond Phillips in it, who I have had a crush on since I can remember and who is aging quite gracefully, might I add. Then this adorable pink bear with super powers, helping to rid the sociopaths from the New Age. Or, perhaps it’s the awakening from within and the spirit moving toward something greater, ridding that which isn’t serving anymore to allow the awakening to manifest. I think it’s so great that we are using stuffed furry animals and puppets to give an effect, particularly considering what this song is singing about. Yes!