Robin Thicke.

I can’t believe Oprah didn’t call him out on his lying and complete evasion of responsibility of his part at the VMA’s! A 36 year old man that blames a 20 year old woman for “being twerked upon”… First: eeewwwww… Second: can we please stop shaming the ladies for being sexual and taking it upon themselves to express their sexuality!? Which starts with women. Including Oprah. She’s not immune. What he said really plays into rape culture and that men have no control (uh, I just stood their and did nothing with this stupid look on my face, like I was getting away with something). I can’t believe this dude is making money off his trashy song either! The video is so gross. Those women look half his age and are exposed and vulnerable, while he’s fully clothed. Gross. He needs some hard knocks in life to really come to terms with himself.;_ylt=AwrSyCW3X19SIRsAKpfWwOZ_



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